About the company

Dear Friends

Turismo Gran Patagonia is a tourism company located in the town of Coyhaique in Aysen, Patagonia with administrative office in Santiago, Chile.


Our inspiration is to show the immensity of Patagonia, both in Chile and Argentina. This is a world-renowned tourist destination, where you can enjoy its natural beauty and its warm people for you alone.

We seek to be the leading tourist company in Patagonia Aysen, innovating in the development of sustainable tourist products with the participation and real benefits for the local community.


We want to seduce our clients with the quality of our products and services, and our care for the environment.

We are proud to have been awarded the “Seal of Quality Tourism” by Sernatur, the official National tourism Service, for four years. Gran Patagonia is also part of the Chamber of Commerce, ‘Turismo de Coyhaique’ and ‘Turismo Chile’.


With this Travel Planner, Gran Patagonia places at the disposition of Organized Tourism our whole offer for Patagonia Aysen with all its natural beauties, its tourist activities and products which have been developed thanks to the efforts of many small entrepreneurs eager to reveal, through tourism, the infinite attraction of this part of the world. Patagonia is still unpolluted and has still unexplored spaces, in their completely natural form.

Gran Patagonia presents its new Manual of Services for 2018-2019. 


We have included a wide variety of activities, trips and programmes that can be enjoyed in the length and breadth of Patagonia.



We invite you to take up the challenge of working with Gran Patagonia, the Aysen Tour Operator.