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Cerro Castillo National Park | trails

PARK´S HISTORY The Cerro Castillo National Reserve was created on June 19, 1970 and has an area of 138,164 hectares. It is made up of three independent sectors called: Lake Elizalde, Lake Paloma and Cerro Castillo. In 2018, it was re-designated as one of the new national parks of Chile, as one of the principle …


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Pumalín National Park

One of the largest and most diverse conservation efforts in South America, Pumalín Park lies in Chile’s Palena Province, south of the city of Puerto Montt. The park protects 715,000 acres of flora-rich Valdivian temperate rainforest, home to many endemic species including some of the planet’s last stands of the endangered, enormous, millennia-old Alerce trees. These …


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Campaign Promoting Route of the Parks of Chilean Patagonia Launches

Tompkins Conservation launched an initiative that seeks to promote Chilean Patagonia’s scenic 1,700-mile route, located between Puerto Montt and Cape Horn, and its 17 national parks and more than 60 surrounding communities. Let Chile be recognized as a global example of tourism based on conservation. That is the ambition behind the Route of Parks of …


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What are Yurts?

Originating from Mongolian nomads, Yurts are lightly colored and circular in shape and designed to maximize both light and heat energy efficiently. Our Yurts are designed to allow our guests to enjoy listening to the wind and rain, birds singing in the surrounding forest all with one of the most impressive views on the planet. …


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New Museum and Visitor Center in Patagonia Park Unveiled

Why National Parks? This is the question explored in the new Patagonia Park Museum and Visitor Center, which interactively presents the landscape and cultural history of the Chacabuco Valley, incorporating a moving and inspiring story about the importance of National Parks and ecological loss and recovery. Located in the commune of Cochrane within Chile’s Aysén …