Cerro Castillo National Park

Cerro Castillo National Reserve stands out for the trekking trails that lead to its main summits: Cerro Castillo (2,318 meters above sea level) and Cerro Las Cuatro Cumbres (2273 meters above sea level.) In addition, it is equipped with camping facilities.

Trekking Routes

Cerro Castillo dominates the view from the heights; with its glaciers and snowdrifts and 2,675 meters of height, it has become a popular spot for those who love outdoor activities.

The melting of glaciers, which landed on this territory thousands of years ago, gives life to the trails and valleys that today make up this reserve. Its untamed nature reflects the natural, geological and volcanological changes that this region has experienced for centuries.

Year of Establishment: Established on the 19th of June 1970 as a National Reserve and from the 2nd of October 2017 a decree was signed changing its category to a National Park.

Total Area: 138,164 hectares.

Location: It is located to the south of the Aysén region, at 64 kilometres from the city of Coyhaique, Chile.

Nearby Towns: Coyhaique, Puerto Ibáñez, Villa Cerro Castillo

Distance and Estimated Time from Coyhaique: 64 kilometres, 1 hour.


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