Enjoy life at a more natural pace, and remember, your visit helps preserve the natural, and cultural, heritage of the South of Chile.

Huilo Huilo is a Reserve under private protection, founded in the year 2000, its objective is to preserve nature
and local culture, an effort supported by local communities, organizations, and the public sector. Huilo Huilo is
also a project intended as a means of reconverting the land, resources, and providing an alternative way of life for
people who have spent their lives and made a living logging. The area has now become nature Reserve focused
on conservation and ecotourism.


The Reserve is in the XIV Region of Los Rios, in the South of Chile. Part of the territory is in the townships
of Panguipulli and Futrono, adjacent to the towns of Neltume, Puerto Fuy and the National Reserve Mocho-
Choshuenco. From a geo environmental perspective, Huilo Huilo is in the Valdivian eco-region and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Temperate Rainforests of the Austral Andes. Huilo Huilo organizes its activities based on three fundamental pillars: Conservation, Community Integration, and Sustainable Tourism. The Reserve is open to visit throughout the entire year.


Huilo Huilo is part of a unique and little explored ecosystem in the Patagonian Rainforest territory, set right in the Austral Andes. The territory has several areas of international scientific interest and conservation as it is considered one of the most valuable and threatened natural regions in the world.


UNESCO declared these Temperate Rainforests a Biosphere Reserve in 2007. In the forests of Huilo Huilo there are four ecosystems, all of them home to large variety of animal and plant

species: the Pilmaiquen Grasslands, the Temperate Rainforests, high mountain peaks and aquatic ecosystems.

Flora and Fauna

Flora is mainly made up of ferns, lichen, bryophytes and fungi. In Huilo Huilo’s forests there are many different types of trees and varying ages such as canelos or winter’s bark, tepas, olivillos, Chilean myrtle and tineos, with the typical nothofagus forests standing out as the quintessential Patagonian Forest: Rauli beech, mañio (an endemic podocarp), lenga beech, Ñirre or Antarctic beech and Coigue or Dombey’s beech. Local fauna in

Huilo Huilo boasts sightings of 81 species of birds. The most endemic of them are the chucao (Scelorchilus

rubecula) – the bird in the Reserve’s logo – only found in the Temperate Rainforests. Another bird native to

the area is the Magellanic woodpecker (Campephilus magellanicus), the largest of three woodpecker species in Chile, whose only live in mature forests.

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