Patagonia AYSEN

Nef Glacier Helicoper Overfly

The Patagonia Aysén hides a beauty without equal that for many years was unknown due to the limited means of access to its remote places.


Do not miss the opportunity to fly over the Nef Glacier, as it does to the king of the heights of the Andes (the condor), having the opportunity to reach places where very few have had the privilege of being.


If the weather is with us we will have the opportunity to land in front of this ice giant.

It includes

  • Robinson R66 helicopter flight, 4 passengers + 1 pilot.
  • Bilingual pilot, according to availability
  • Landings according to weather conditions.
  • Insurance


  • It operates from October to April every year, always subject to weather conditions.
Laguna San Rafael National Park

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