Effective July 1 to September 30 2019

  • Roundtrip transfers to Cerro Castor in regular service
  • Passes for lifting equipment
  • Complete Carving equipment: includes boards + boots + canes

In the morning Tierra del Fuego National Park in regular service


Season all year
Duration 5 hours
Low difficulty
Departures from hotel approx. 08.30 hs
Does not include National Park entrance
It can be combined with the optional End of the World Train


We invite you to arrive at the true End of the World to feel the excitement of enjoying being in a unique and magical place where all the travelers who arrive to Ushuaia, can not leave without knowing the end of the Pan-American route that begins in Alaska and afterwards of 15 thousand kilometers ends within the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Where are the reviews and maps to get the photo that testifies to have reached this milestone. Beyond, just 1000 km away is Antarctica.


In the morning around 08:30 hs we will pick you up at the hotel, from where we will go to the Tierra del Fuego National Park which is located 12 km from the center of the city of Ushuaia. Before entering the National Park, we stop at the End of the World Train Station (optional) where passengers who wish may choose to make the journey of the mythical train (about 60 minutes) that ends within the National Park. In this place, already inside the Park, they will meet again with the vehicle and guide to continue with the tour of the park itself, where the road to Bahia Ensenada will take place where the postal post office is located where Mr. Di Lorenzo, character picturesque of the city will receive you with its peculiar treatment (only in SUMMER), making a stop at the panoramic points.

Lapataia Bay, Acigami Lake (bi-national lake shared with the Republic of Chile) and the Alakush visitor center are also visited throughout the year. At all times the flora and fauna surprises us with its beauty.


  • In the afternoon navigation Isla de Lobos y Pájaros Duration 2 1/2 hours

Difficulty: low
Daily departures from tourist dock in the morning 9.30am (summer) and 10am (winter) and in the afternoon 03.00pm (winter) – 03.30pm (summer)
Does not include port fees.
Does not include transfer to the port.


We will enjoy a relaxing catamaran navigation through the historic and challenging Beagle Channel, the cradle of innumerable historical shipwrecks in these cold waters south of the Strait of Magellan. One of the objectives will be to obtain the typical postcard with the lighthouse behind us.


We sailed from the local tourist dock crossing the wide Bay of Ushuaia, observing from another perspective the profile of the city of Ushuaia and the geographical distribution at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range; until reaching the Beagle Channel through Paso Chico.


There we sail around the Isla de los Pájaros where we appreciate the birds of Tierra del Fuego watching Skuas, Black-browed Albatrosses, Steam Ducks, Cauquenes, Cook Seagulls and Gray Seagulls; and of the Isla de los Lobos where we can observe specimens of sea lions of one and two hairs. Both islands belong to the Bridges archipelago. When arriving at the Lighthouse Les Eclaireurs (The Illuminators or also the badly called colloquially the Lighthouse of the End of the World), we will be able to appreciate the colonies of Imperial Cormorants and Rocky Cormorants (of aspect similar to the penguins but of different species); and also listen to the story of the collapse of the SS Monte Cervantes, which he starred in in 1930.


At the end of the journey you will be amazed by the view of the mountain range that surrounds the city of Ushuaia and its sumptuous nature that surrounds it. It is a tour of great historical and scenic value that we carry out, visiting privileged and interesting points along the entire trip, which you can discover by navigating the waters of the Beagle Channel. In a pleasant and calm route.

The views can not be guaranteed as they will be subject to weather conditions.

It includes

  • Transfers Airport - Hotel - Airport in regular service.
  • Accommodation with breakfast.
  • Full Day Ski at Cerro Castor.
  • Passes for lifting means.
  • Complete Carving equipment.
  • Excursion P.N. Tierra del Fuego in Regular Service.
  • Navigation Isla de Lobos y Pájaros.


  • Excursions subject to snow conditions.
  • The order of the excursions can be modified
  • Optional Train to the End of the World in tourist class during the excursion to the National Park.
Winter 2019

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